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Évora, Portugal

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

We arrived in Lisbon at 8:00 AM and headed towards the rental car area which is just outside the baggage claim area. We got the car and drove a couple of hours to Évora, a small town in Eastern Portugal which is known for its Roman ruins and medieval wall. It is a lovely, relaxed destination with many things within easy walking distance from our home base, the Moura Suites. After checking in, we realized that we were hungry. (We are always hungry!)


O Grão Da Mesma Mó, Rua Embaixador Assis Chateaubriand. They have a FaceBook page that you can check out.

Celiac Safe, dairy-free options, no reservations (sidewalk cafe), family friendly, no parking (pedestrian area)

This is a totally gluten-free sidewalk cafe with small plates and pizzas. They have lactose-free cheese, but no vegan cheese. We ordered the “jug wine” which is what they call their house wine and got a liter of wine for 5€ that was delicious. We also ordered a charcuterie board, olives, gluten free bread and a gluten free pizza with cheese on only one side. Everything was really tasty and we were very pleased. The menu also included lots of dessert options, but we had noticed a gelato place a few steps away and decided to check it out.

Fábrica dos Gelados, Rua Embaixador Assis Chateaubriand 7005-475 Évora, Telefone - 266 705 681. Find them on FaceBook

Gluten free, Vegan options, no reservations (sidewalk cafe/take away), family friendly, no parking (pedestrian area)

All of their fruit flavors of gelato were vegan and they had gluten free, dairy free cones and vegan cones. Yum!


Origens Restaurante, Rua de Burgos no 10, Évora (+351) 964 220 790,,

Gluten free, dairy free and vegan options, reservations recommended, not loud, fit for foodies, date night, no parking (pedestrian area)

This is a small local restaurant that specializes in local, organic food. The chef and servers are very knowledgeable about food sensitivities and allergies and we put our trust in the chef by choosing the three course tasting menu and letting him craft our meal for us. It was not a mistake. Our meal started with an amuse bouche of roasted peanuts and pineapple in a fruit sauce. It was very unique and woke up our taste buds. They also brought a small platter of gluten free bread, baked chickpeas, and olives to enjoy with our wine as we eased into the meal. This area of Portugal, the Alentejo, is known for its white wines, so we usually ordered a glass of local wine that the waitstaff recommended and were never disappointed. The first course was a vegetarian rift on their national dish, Pastéis de Bacalhau, which are salt cod patties or fritters. Our patties were made of potatoes and leeks with just the right amount of crispiness to them. They were followed by braised beef cheek with baby greens and mashed potatoes which literally melted in our mouths. It is one of the best beef dishes I have ever had. The last course was a gluten free banana cake with honey and fruit pollen topping. The meal was delicious and the atmosphere was intimate. The owner brought us an after dinner digestif which was similar to a white port. What a wonderful way to end our first day in Portugal!

Dom Joaquim Restaurante, Rua dos Penedos, 6 7000-531 Évora, Telefone (+351) 266 731 105,

Gluten free, dairy free options, reservations strongly recommended, family friendly, not too loud, fit for foodies, date night, parking very limited (inside city walls)

The servers and kitchen are very familiar with dietary issues and there were not many items on the menu that I could eat. However, they brought us rice cakes in place of bread and we ordered mixed olives and creamy sheep’s cheese for my husband. My entree was black pork cheeks with potatoes, sweet potatoes and chestnuts and it was fabulous. Another dish that melted in my mouth. Black pork is the term for the Alentejo pigs that free range in the countryside and apparently eat a lot of acorns. They are not wild, just pasture raised and the local people are very proud of the meat that is produced. I am a believer; I ordered it quite a few times during our stay.

D’Ibérica, Rua do Raimundo 33, 7000-661, Évora, Telefone (+351) 963 613 444

Gluten free, dairy free options, reservations only needed in high season, family friendly, not loud, date night, no parking (inside walled city)

This restaurant was recommended by our hotel and they were knowledgeable about the ingredients in their dishes, so we easily found things that we could eat. They did not have gluten free bread, so we started with a sausage and cheese plate. (I ate the sausage which was perfectly seasoned.) We ordered three “shared plates” and the portions were large. We could have easily gotten by with two. We had "shrimps" in garlic (Cooked in olive oil. I love how they use the plural), ovos rotas (which is a classic Iberian dish of fries and prosciutto under a fried egg), and arroz com vegetals (seasoned rice with vegetables). All washed down with a bottle of local white wine. By this point we had just started ordering a bottle! The wine was so good and so reasonably priced (12€) that we treated ourselves. Our waiter brought us a digestif on the house to close out the meal. This time it was a Moscatel from the Douro region.


Rua 5 de Outubro is a quaint street lined with local, traditional shops.


Moura Suites Hotel Largo Portas de Moura, 28 7000-647 Évora (+351) 266 245 000,

The hotel is newly renovated and the rooms are beautiful as are the courtyard and pool. Breakfast is included and they surprised us with gluten free pastries. The location is within the walled old town and within walking distance to everything. There is plenty of parking with a quirky lot down the street from the hotel. It is gated. We would definitely stay here again.

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