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Scottsdale Happy Hour

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Places to end your work day or start your evening

The Herb Box

7051 E. 5th Ave J, Scottsdale, AZ (and multiple other locations)


Gluten-Free, Dairy-free/ vegan options. Reservations suggested, family friendly earlier in the evening, not too loud (I prefer their patio), fit for foodies, date night, parking can be an issue—there is a lot behind the businesses on the north side of the street accessed across the street from the entrance to the Herb Box.

This is my favorite happy hour, and it occurs from 36PM every day except Sunday. They have $5 ciders, $6 wines, $8 cocktails, and 7 appetizers that are all $8. I prefer the “Lucy Goosey”—Absolut pear vodka, prosecco, and a splash of elderflower liqueur. The last time I ordered it, the waiter warned me it was “alcohol-forward!” Yes! I have learned this from experience. :-)

There are many gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options and the waiters and kitchen staff are very knowledgeable. The last two times I have been there, the appetizers were entree-sized. My daughter ordered the Market Street Short Rib Mini Tacos and got 4 stuffed tacos on smallish corn tortillas (hold the cotija and crema for dairy free). I ordered the Korean-fried cauliflower and probably had half a head of gf fried cauliflower pieces atop quinoa and snap peas with a Korean hot pepper sauce. Just a touch of heat. Other favorites at happy hour are the pakoras, crisp brussels sprouts, and the crab dip (not dairy-free). If I am there for dinner, I always order the salmon. The preparation changes seasonally; right now it’s “Grapefruit & Sugar Charred”—gf and df—served on a bed of quinoa and greens. It melts in your mouth.

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