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A gluten-free dairy-free resource

Here are a few things to know about navigating the site.

  1. I’ve picked up a lot of information about nutrition along the way so I geek out occasionally on health science and theory. Feel free to blip over these segments if you are uninterested.

  2. Restaurants will be listed by city location and type. (i.e. Scottsdale Pizza). I will let you know if they are Celiac safe, gluten free, or gluten-free friendly. Only places with dedicated gluten-free kitchens will be qualified as celiac safe. The gluten free spots will probably be safe, but a phone number is listed so that you can ensure they’re taking the necessary precautions.


Dining Out

Travel and Food

Some tips on what to eat and where to stay 



What's Available?

Some things that we tried 



Tried and True!

We love to cook and bake and these recipes were really good

About Me

I'm a gluten free, dairy free foodie who hopes you enjoy this blog about restaurants, products, and recipes. Let me do the sleuthing for you!

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